I have had the privilege of painting some of the most beautiful homes in California. Unfortunately, sometimes I've been called upon to repaint over very detailed, artistic finishes I've done for the purposes of re-selling the home. Why? Because often - but not always - potential buyers don't want to see "too much color" in certain areas. These are often the kitchen and bathroom. Best to keep it simple.

I have clients (a couple) who've hired me to do two of their homes with faux finishes. They always loved the work and when they decided to put the first place on the market recently, their realtor told them that the two bathrooms that had been completed in different magenta-colored washes over more pinkish basecoats, would have to be repainted in simple, clean solid finishes.

My clients balked. "No way", she told me. "The prospective buyers will certainly love the beautiful finishes you did!"

While I was flattered that they had enjoyed the surfaces so much for long years, I did have to concur with what their realtor had told them. In this case, the two bathrooms were just "too colorful" and I had to agree that the finishes that I had done needed to be eradicated and replaced with simplicity. Solid finishes.

In most cases, your realtor really does know what she /he is doing and you need to trust them to bring the best out in your home.

This particular home is located in the Marina District in SF, is on the market as of April, 2011.

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