The Kids Are All Right

I recently helped a colleague repair huge and numerous cracks & splits in a cathedral-type ceiling in the Berkeley Hills. Often, people who own these types of homes lose sight of just how badly their interiors look after...well...let's just say it often takes over twenty years before people take notice. And only then because others have pointed the eyesore out to them. Often, it's the adult kids who say, "Hey mom & dad! When you gonna get rid of that old furniture and fix up the room!?"

Well, guess what, kids? Your parents were busy busting their asses working all those years so that you could go to college and hopefully not become a total "A" hole telling other people what to do! Why don't YOU spend the money on your parents now and help THEM fix up "that room", eh!?

A total re-do like this one can cost around $2,500 in labor and materials to repair fully and repaint. It's gotta be done at some point because if not, your living room will always look like it was stuck back in 1962. And that was NOT a good year for design concepts, was it? Besides, you don't need to be reminded that you gave birth to and raised the ungrateful brats that are now hounding you to spend more money so as to please THEM. It's time to 'fix' those rooms in your house and upgrade them for yourselves, and it'll help you move into your golden years with style and ease.

And in the process, send your kids an email telling them you've gone on a much deserved vacation while your house is being worked on. They'll stay out of your hair and you can breeze on through the re-do and pay your contractor well for the beautiful, long lasting results you'll experience!