Spice Up Your KItchen!

A sweet little modern kitchen look: streamline cabinets, brushed nickel finishes with sharp black counters, clean lines & simplicity rules.
To add some 'spice' though…...

BOOM! Open any drawer and you get a tangerine surprise! All paint for drawers used is the relatively new ADVANCE from Benjamin Moore. High gloss, latex-mixed-with oil to provide a very durable and vibrant result in a room that could use it!



Does this image conjure any familiar scenarios when trying to find that 'perfect' color? It may seem at first look that this is a very organized, sensible approach to discovering the best color for an area. But here's the bad news: IT. IS. NOT.
Our brains can only handle comprehending color choices when we narrow the options down. Also, when the colors are presented in a certain manner.
Placing more than a couple of options in any given area can confuse the whole decision making process. And, to place paint samples directly on a surface means you've allowed a substance to dry in a patch that will stay right in that one spot. You can't tell how that color will perform when up against the carpet down low to the floor, or against the white cabinetry or the dark red tiling in the kitchen, or the greenish stonework in the bathroom. 
A better choice is to take the same wet paint and apply it to foam core board of white slick art board that can act as a pre-primed surface for paint. The size should be no less than 8" by 8" in size.
(The worst - and most common mistake - is when people take a piece of brown grocery bag paper or newspaper and spread some paint on it.) But by using the proper type of sample board, the paint coats (at least two) will reveal the true opacity of the color. At that point you can then hold that dry sample piece up anywhere in the area: behind that piece of art, held next to the cabinet, or taken down near the floor boards. THIS done along with your lighting IN PLACE ALREADY - you're 99% there in selecting the best color choice for any area.


So You're Buying a New Carpet?

SOME WOULD SAY: "Beige" or "Off White"
Remember that when you fall in love with a particular color, the best way to 'flatter' it is to surround it not with itself, but with a complimenting color that will cause it to pop out and be noticed.
There is no 'right' or 'wrong' in this situation; it's all about the mood you want to create and the lighting that will make or break your placement of color in a room with a beautiful piece of carpeting like this here.
The architecture for that room will also help direct which color(s) and where to place them.
I can guarantee you one thing with a carpet like this: if ONE accent wall were to be completed in a warm, rich reddish brown color, that would be a striking compliment that would cause the blues, caramel and golden color in this piece to really be showcased. Red tends to anchor other things in a room. It can certainly stand on its own as a strong accent, but when placed in a room with warm, soft colors that are surrounded by creamy warm off-whites, the red would be an anchor point that can make the entire room feel like a complete project.
Warning: watch for clashing use of other reds in the area (like picture frames). Best to stick with rich brown finishes.


How Good is Your Sense of Color?

This is a very interesting test for anyone to take. Go ahead. Much better than facebook games wasting time!


Interior Color & Painting Work I'm Proud of!,0,1585400.photogallery?index=la-fi-hot-property-jim-herzfeld-20130728-pictu-001

This property and project was a delight to work on with one of the funniest men I know! Over the course of several months and three separate long visits from me, Jim and I made this house a home again for him and his family. From the colors on the walls to selecting & shopping for furnishings, this gorgeous home came to express a side of him that he'd never had before, and I feel so lucky that I got to be part of it all. Now someone new will get to experience this lovely interior! Wonder who it'll be?....


'Hearing' Color

Angie's List Review: June 2013 in San Mateo

Interior Design & Decorating
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* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: 
June 22, 2013
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July 26, 2013
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Alicia from the COLOR effect came out and did the full appraisal. She got huge paint samples and did every room and in the outside.
Member Comments: 
We've been trying to figure out what color of paint our house I've been siding out. We are just terrible at picking colors. She is just very thorough and very tasteful. She is just really good. For the appraisal, it was $175 for an hour. Once she gets going, she goes until it gets done but she did not charge us extra for it. She is a dynamo. She is just very direct. Once she realized that we had nothing to do with picking any of the colors in here, she was very blunt about them. She's very tactful but very direct. She could walk into a room and say "Here's what I would recommend and it would look great," and it pretty much does. We will be using her again. She was just amazing.
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