"Make Mine Look Like I'm In Miami!"
In Alameda, Ca., the feeling of a small town from the 1960's is very real. A former Navy town, many neighborhoods are filled with older homes that have not been touched for 30 years or more. The sun is harsh and the colors are pretty much limited to a red, white and blue color combination . 
On the other hand, there are gorgeous Victorians on this island. Paint jobs that are similar to those Painted Ladies in San Francisco are spattered in several neighborhoods. And, along with these beautiful Victorians, there are those homes that are in-between that are stepping up to the color palette and choosing vibrancy over bland.
This exterior shows one resident who was adamant in her direction for improvement. She told me to give her 'some Miami Vice looking colors!'. Although I think she meant colors that originally might be found easily in Cuba - bright oranges, turquoise, bright yellows and reds - bold saturation is the name of the game!