If you have been thinking about an upgrade when it comes to furnishings, please consider NOT going to Ikea. Ikea is just to save money in the short run. Yes, they have some cool designs for certain space-saving things, but for a REAL sense of making your home or office more aesthetically gorgeous and serene, there's nothing like having real wood furniture that fills up that space.
Now going the route of shopping for used wood pieces can be fun and even productive, but you need to make it a project and really set out with specifics in mind.
If you CAN afford better quality, I suggest you turn to an expert who can produce pretty much to your specifications and needs and you'll own something beautiful to boot!

If you're thinking right away that having this type of beauty is outrageous in price or not in your budget: remember it's quality I'm talking here. Long term use and beauty that you won't look back on as anything but an investment. You can always resell it privately and get your money back. (Hello! Craigslist!)

But you likely won't want to.

And if you buy anything from Ikea, you're not likely to be able to break it down & reassemble it ever again. It's throw-away stuff. Unsustainable. yucky.

Rene Almon makes the most gorgeous wood furnishings I've seen outside of the more mass produced furniture coming out of Vermont. It's design is clean and it's functional beauty. The detail to hinges and hardware is simply lovely, and she's just a damned skilled craftsperson!

(You can click on the link above embedded in the title to get her website up)