I was walking along the streets all over Paris the past two weeks, and had a mission to notice & take photos of any exterior doors and entryways that caught my eye. I'd seen a lot of blues - as I posted previously in here (see below) - but I hadn't seen any full-blown, metallic on the exteriors of any doors as I had on many interior accenting of trim.

Then I came across this magnificent pair of huge, gold doors that were in fantastic shape, and had me stopping to stare and take pictures of like a celebrity in my midst! And as I was photographing these doors, a thirty-something Parisian who spoke just enough English commented that she thought they were just beautiful as well, and that they reminded her of an American TV show.
I just blurted out, "True Blood?" And she was like, "Yes! Your True Blood! Yes! I LOVE that show!" We shared an affinity for metallics in general and the over-the-top sets and props used on True Blood when they did the shows related to Russell Edgington's mansion.

Even though these exterior doors in Paris actually bear no resemblance to a specific set on the show, they clearly held some familiar element for both of us strangers standing on the street that day. And what a lovely exchange we had and I got educated a bit about how Parisians who enjoy it have gotten their viewings in so far (HBO cannot be screened there in real time or made available online with HBO GO at this point). For this one woman, Charlotte, her best friend is an American in New York who has sent her the first three seasons in their beautiful, full season packaging. She had only recently seen the final episode of the last (3rd) season, and wanted to truly know how the new season 4 had opened with the truth of what had happened to Sookie. I told her that yes, it had, and did she REALLY want to know more, and she said enthusiastically, "YES!! I REALLY want to know more!"
So...I REALLY indulged her with what I knew and if you are an American reading this, then you'll have to FRIEND me on facebook at my FANGBANGER account to learn more because I try and spoil as much as I can there!! But not here!! HA!!

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