Divorce Equals, "LET THE COLOR BEGIN!"

I don't know what's going on but at a time when so many are moving in with their elder parents to save money, there are some couples making the choice to break up their households. I have met four women in the past 6 months who are going through amicable divorces and can't wait to get new colors into their homes. First up: the bedroom!

This situation provides a wonderful opportunity to discover a lot about one's tastes. It also creates a moment to be really selfish and healing, even powerful.

The most common thing I hear is the desire to have a calming feeling, a warm feeling, a restful feeling in their new bedrooms.

The most common mistake that newly divorced people often make is to go overboard in their use of one, vibrant color instead that creates just the opposite effect.

Remember that if you are attracted to a particular color and want to have it in any room where you are making changes, too much of it in any one space and you soon won't even notice it's there. Best to use it as an accent for your pillows, area carpets, window sills or drapes and choose a truly softer version of a complimentary color on the walls.

Of course, selecting that best wall color or colors can come about AFTER your accent color is decided upon. Allow the walls to "frame" your accent items and you will create a flow rather than conflict - especially in the bedroom!