Comedy screenwriter Jim Herzfeld is responsible for MEET THE PARENTS, MEET THE FOCKERS and a variety of other writing in both film & television. He is the brother of a client who used to live in the Bay Area a few years ago now, and it is Jim's brother and sister-in-law who connected us up to work together. When Jim was unsure about how to proceed with the re-decorating and aesthetic direction in which to take his home, his brother basically convinced him to meet with me and see how I might help him - he told him that he could use my "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy", culturally popular at that time in early 2005.

Once I met with Jim we began by my living and working with him for a period of ten days. There was a lot of wallpaper to either get rid of or cover up, old furniture to remove and new furniture to hunt for, an interior decorator to hook us up with specific items, and Jim needed to acclimate himself to the entire process of redefining "home". The relationship we fostered over a period of a year helped direct me towards marketing as a "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and hone my sensibilities for working with people who had never been directly involved in the process of their own interior design projects.

At this writing, Jim has been generous with his time & praise for my work by his willingness to give me a reference whenever I've needed one. He recently gave an interview to free lance journalist Matthew Bajko on my behalf for an article for an LGBT publication in the San Jose area.

Jim's sincerity combined with his humor helped us to negotiate some challenging decisions in regards to his home and the transformation in him was and remains inspiring. This experience with him has helped me to keep being more direct & honest with all my clients in general. Plus, the results from the collaboration we created for his home were so beautiful that I decided to showcase a shot from it for the homepage of my website and cover of my brochure. The photo of his pool table/rec area with the "FOCKER ISLE" set piece will remain a signature for me for a long time!